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#1 Vitamix A3500 review

Chris L.
Last updated: Sep 10, 2020

The A3500 features 5 program settings for soup, smoothies, spreads and dips, frozen desserts, and self clean make blended recipes easy. Advanced technological features such as Smart-Detect containers and its touchscreen interface simplify your blending process, and the self-timer function lets you walk away from your blender while it does the work for you. As Vitamix's most technologically advanced model, the A3500 is great for avid cooks and professionals alike.

Is the Vitamix A3500 blender right for you?

The Vitamix A3500 is their most technologically advanced blender in their top of the line Ascent series, making this blender suitable for professionals or home cooks who need a blender that really performs. This blender is a great choice if you often make blended recipes, as it has programmed settings for hot soups, dips and spreads, frozen desserts, and smoothies. Its touch interface, wireless connectivity, and programmable timer also make this blender a great choice if you're a multitasking cook. This blender is for those who are serious about blending, and who use blenders frequently. If you're looking for a more simplified model, check out the Vitamix E320 or S50.

Consider the Vitamix A3500 if...

  • You need a high-performing blender that requires minimal attention. Simply select a programmed setting or set the timer and let your A3500 create perfect blended recipes while you multitask.
  • You want a blender with smart technology. It has 5 program settings, smart detection  technology that adjusts to compatible container sizes, and a touchscreen interface.
  • You like being able to put your appliances on display. The A3500's sleek modern design makes this high-performing blender great for countertop storage. Pick from red, black, copper, white, graphite, or brushed stainless steel.

Avoid the Vitamix A3500 if...

  • You don't need a high-tech blender. if you only use your blender a few times a week, and usage is limited to smoothies, the A3500 may not be the blender for you. Instead look at Vitamix's smaller, more personalized sizes.
  • You don't want to purchase additional containers. The A3500 is compatible with all self-detect containers, but these must be purchased separately. While not required, different containers maximize this blenders efficacy.
  • You don't like touch screens. While high-tech is a great feature for some, others may prefer a more traditional blender with features they're used to and comfortable with. The A3500 may take some getting used to if you're not tech savvy.

Vitamix A3500 pros & cons


  • Technologically advanced
  • 5 color options
  • 5 program settings allow you to make perfect soups, smoothies, frozen desserts, dips, and spreads
  • Self-clean program for touch-less cleanup
  • Smart-detection through wireless contact of containers adjusts time and settings for you
  • A built-in timer helps avoid over- or under-processing your custom recipes


  • Smart detection containers sold separately
  • 64oz container is large for small families or single use

Construction and design

  • Blending power: The A3500's motor boasts 120 volts for high-performing blending power. Variable speed options and the pulse feature let you fine-tune the texture of any recipe.
  • Durability: The A3500 comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can be sure this product is built to last. The motor comes with cool-protection ensuring longevity, and all plastics are BPA-free.
  • Noise level: The A3500 is quieter compared to other Vitamix models of similar quality, like the 7500, despite its high-power motor.
  • Size: While this blender is on the larger size, the low-profile 64oz container may make it easier to store under cabinets. Additional self-detect containers mean more storage, of course.

What can I make with the Vitamix A3500?

  • Dips
  • Smoothies
  • Soups
  • Flours and dough
  • Frozen desserts
  • Dressings and sauces
  • Nut butters
  • Baby food
  • Non-dairy milks
  • Juices

Reasons to buy the Vitamix A3500?

  • You're a busy chef. If you're a chef in a busy restaurant looking to outfit your line with a smart and efficient blender, look no further. The programmable timer allows you to make gourmet dishes while you multitask, and self-detect containers means less fussing with ingredient conversion and food waste.
  • You're an avid at-home cook. If you love making blended recipes often during the week for family and friends, the A3500 may be a great choice. This blender's programmed settings can bring your blended recipes to the next level. Plus, it looks great in your kitchen.
  • You need a blender that services every member of your household. From smoothies to tonight's pasta sauce, this blender fulfills every blending need for every member of your family. Smart detection and programmed settings minimize hassle, and the easy clean setting means this blender can be ready for a new task in minutes.

Reasons to avoid the Vitamix A3500?

  • You only make a few blended recipes, a few times a week. While this blender can certainly handle any blending task, the A3500 is a pricey investment for limited use. Look at Vitamix's smaller models for a better fit.
  • You're looking for a blender for your small household. This blender's 64oz included container is designed to make large batches, and may not be suitable for serving 1-3 people.

What real Vitamix A3500 reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? The Vitamix A3500 receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.74 (across several hundred reviews). The Vitamix A3500 scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  • "I’m so happy I finally made the purchase. I use this thing everyday and can’t help but smile with amazement every time. This thing is a workhorse!"
  • "The pre-sets and timer are great so you don't have to pay attention to blending time as it turns off automatically."
  • "Love that we don't have to remove the blade for cleaning. You just fill with water and a little soap and turn it on clean mode."
  • "If you want results this is your blender."
  • "Love how sleek and modern it looks in my kitchen. This blender also comes with a 10 year warranty which makes this Vitamix totally worth the money!"

What reviewers dislike

  • "Only complaint would be the 64 oz container is not really used much in our household, as I have also ordered a 48 oz dry container."
  • "I found that the digital controls, for me would be useless."
  • "I don’t need all the fanciness of this model."
  • "For one person you’ll need smaller cups."
  • "I really wanted the self-detect bowls, but they are $140(!) extra which I feel is a crime when you've already paid over $700 for the blender."

Our verdict

If you're a busy chef in a bustling kitchen, or an at-home cook with many mouths to feed, the A3500 is a great addition for all of your blended recipe needs. With a high-power motor and tech features like self-detection, programmed settings, and a built-in timer, who wouldn't love this blender? It has everything a true blender aficionado could dream of.

That being said, this blender is a pricey investment if its use value won't reach its full potential in your kitchen. If you only blend a few times a week and make single-serve portions, the A3500 may not be suited to your needs. A better option would be the S30, the E320, or 750, which are less expensive, quality Vitamix models of various sizes which still blend well without all of the A3500's bells and whistles. Our advice? if you've been on the hunt for a blender that can keep up with your busy, frequently used kitchen, look no further than the A3500. The 10-year warranty promises durability in your kitchen for the next decade at the least, and Vitamix's established reputation for long-lasting quality makes this product a worthy investment.

Where to buy the Vitamix A3500

We've scoured the internet for the best price on the A3500 and we found it on Amazon. Amazon gives you the option to purchase the Vitamix A3500 alone or as a bundle with digital Perfect Blend Smart Scale. Plus, Amazon Prime members get to enjoy free, fast shipping on the purchase of this blender!