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Vitamix Vs. Ninja

Chris L.
Last updated: Sep 10, 2020

While both Vitamix and Ninja are two of the most popular blender brands in the market, which is the right choice for you? We've compared the two brands and looked at construction, performance, and price to see which is the better blender in 2021!

Vitamix Overview

Vitamix has been a high-end producer of exceptional blenders since 1921. For nearly a century, the company has earned a reputation for producing great products albeit at higher prices than competitors. But for the price, you find features you can't get anywhere else.

Ninja Overview

Ninja is a relatively newer brand, being founded in 1995. Ninja products are designed around ease of use, power, and speed. The blenders, in particular, are built to do everything you would expect in the kitchen. And they tend to come at a much lower price point than competitors.

Construction Comparison: Vitamix Vs. Ninja

The Lids


Vitamix blenders are designed with a 2-part lid layout. The primary body is constructed out of rubber while the other component, the vented lid, consists of plastic. The vented lid works great with a mini-tamper to help ensure all your ingredients get mixed up nice and consistent.


Ninja's lids are made out of all plastic. Additionally, the vented lid comes on the side rather than the top. It's also smaller than Vitamix's vented lid, which means you can't add larger ingredients halfway through the process.

The Blades


Vitamix blenders have blades made of laser-cut, stainless steel. Every edge is designed to be powerful. And you can have confident they aren't going to rust over time.


Ninja blenders also have sharp blades. But they come with plastic shafts. Due to the blade design, you have to take them out any time you want to pour out the contents of the container.

The Base


Vitamix blender bases are made from BPA-free plastic. They also come with 4 rubber feet to prevent the blender from moving around while it's in action. Most measure 8.75 in. x 7.25 in. It contains a simple layout to allow you to adjust the speed and pulse features.


Ninja blender bases are similar in design. It's made out of BPA-free plastic. And most Ninja bases measure 9.5 in. x 14 in.

Performance Comparison: Vitamix Vs. Ninja

The Motor


Most Vitamix blenders come with 1,500 Watt, 2.2 Horsepower motors. This provides you with exceptional speed, capable of blending the toughest ingredients. Modern Vitamix blenders even feature cooling fans to prevent the motor from overheating.


Ninja motors come with 1,500 Watt, 2 Horsepower motors. This makes it capable of making many of the same recipes as Vitamix. It lags in horsepower a bit, but it's not significant to really notice with most meals.



Vitamix blenders are extremely versatile, able to make cold and hot foods alike. From smoothies to hot soups, Vitamix blades are capable of tackling the hardest recipes. Other items you can make in a Vitamix blender include:

  • Baby food
  • Ice cream
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Salsa
  • Dressing
  • Dough
  • Peanut butter


Ninja blenders can pretty much make all of the same things as a Vitamix blender. From sorbet to condiments, a Ninja blender can handle it all. However, if you're looking to make hot foods, you have to add them into the Ninja blender already cooked and steaming. Unlike a Vitamix that can actually generate heat from the fast speed of the blades, Ninja blenders aren't capable of heating up your food.

Ease of cleaning


Vitamix blenders can look spotless in less than a minute. All you have to do is add a bit of dish soap along with warm water. From there, set the blender on the highest setting. Let it run for 30 to 60 seconds. This gives it enough time to remove any sticky residue off the side of the container.


You can stick a Ninja blender container in the dishwasher. Or you can add dish soap and warm water into the container. From there, you just need to press down on the pulse button several times until all of the residue is gone.

Price & Warranty Comparison: Vitamix Vs. Ninja



Vitamix blenders are known for quality. With the high-quality materials used, innovative technical features, and sleek design, these blenders come with a higher price tag (justifiably so). Most Vitamix blenders are priced under $500, but for the newest, most technically advanced blender models expect to pay a couple hundred more.


Ninja blenders are quite popular and this has a lot to do with price. While they do fall behind Vitamix in terms of construction and capability, they're a good option for those looking for a simple blender on a budget. Expect to pay less than $200 on most Ninja models.



However, Vitamix blenders are built to last. They're backed by a 10-year full warranty that covers everything from parts to labor.


New Ninja blenders come with a 2-year standard warranty. Based on reviews, people tend to find their blenders last a lot longer than that. But you may get more peace of mind with Vitamix.

Return Policy


Sometimes things go wrong with your blender right out of the box. Vitamix offers a 30-day return policy where you get all of your money back no questions asked. The company even pays for return shipping.


Ninja comes with a 60-day return policy. You can mail your blender back along with the receipt as well as a letter stating the reason for the return and get your money back.

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So, Which Should You Choose?

Both blenders offer a little something for everyone. They have the same power and similar speeds, so you can throw in nuts, seeds, and frozen fruits without fear. These blenders can grind anything down superbly.

Vitamix blenders cost more, but you really get what you pay for. They come with immense power, and the heating blades allow you to make warm soups with ease. With pulse and variable speed controls, you're in total control. You can customize your favorite recipes with a simple touch of a button and enjoy delicious meals in no time.

Meanwhile, Ninja blenders are great for people on a budget who don't want to sacrifice power. It's capable of making many of the same foods at half the price. With a 72-ounce container, as well as to-go lids, you can make as much as you want, feeding the whole family in the process. However, it's worth noting its inability to make hot foods and its plastic construction.

So which one is better? It all comes down to what you need and what you're willing to spend.

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